OT: Sophos CID password error

Martin Sapsed m.sapsed at BANGOR.AC.UK
Fri Oct 3 15:38:24 IST 2003

Fred Dick wrote:
> Hi Sophos Gurus:
> Been getting the message when trying to auto update:
> Error: Could not find central installation setup program. The specified
> network password is not correct.
> Happens with 3.73 & 3.74. Win2k PC client running against Sun Solaris 2.6
> CID. Reset sweepupd passwd, account, uninstalled and reinstalled Sophos
> numerous times on both server and client. Any ideas??? This has been
> working fine for 2 years...no recent changes to system.

I don't think it says so anywhere but my experience indicates that
Sophos autoupdate only works on XP (and presumably 2k) if encrypted
passwords work. Since I assume you're using Samba on the Sun, are you
accepting encrypted passwords? Although having just read your message
again, since it's been working for ages, I guess you are...!



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