Double extensions getting nabbed

Martin Sapsed m.sapsed at BANGOR.AC.UK
Fri Oct 3 15:28:11 IST 2003

Dan Farmer wrote:
> comment out the check in /etc/MailScanner/filename.rules.conf:
> # Deny all other double file extensions. This catches any hidden
> filenames.
> #deny   \.[a-z][a-z0-9]{2,3}\s*\.[a-z0-9]{3}$   Found possible filename
> hiding                          Attempt to hide real filename extension
> dan
> On Thursday, October 2, 2003, at 02:09  PM, Christian Campbell wrote:
>> I'm having user complaints that documents named like:
>> 00568011.011.txt.pdf
>> Are being quarantined because "Attempt to hide real filename
>> extension".
>> How can I make it qualify the characters after the last "." only?

or explicitly allow .pdf, .doc, .xls etc (or both!)



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