Users like this...

Mike Kercher mike at
Thu Oct 2 20:10:14 IST 2003

I had a luser complain about blocking a couple of legit emails once and he
asked if I could remove the scanning for his email address.  I did him one
better (without telling of course).  In my rules, I excluded his addy from
Spam Checks, but even went a step further.  My High Scoring Spam action
became = forward luser at  He called back a few hours later...
"point well taken" :)


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Ok.  I just got this message from one of my users.

I have no idea why {Filename?} has been triggered here
(and I really don't care -- but I will investigate anyway.)

The real point, though, is to make fun of users.

I've spent endless hours tuning MS & SA, so I want to ram my head into a
wall until I pass out because of this (names have been changed to "xxxxx"):


Can we let stuff like this through the firewall - $20.00 off on an order is
a good deal! Thanks! xxxxx

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