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Thu Oct 2 17:57:34 IST 2003

At 17:20 02/10/2003, you wrote:
>Is it possible to set a rule that cover the 'subject' line of an email
>instead of the to or from?

No, sorry. But you could use MCP (Message Content Protection) to catch
messages which match the subject you are looking for.

One of the reasons I haven't implemented it is the purely practical matter
of defining how you could express a rule containing any arbitrary text (eg.
spaces, quotes, slashes etc), while still ending up with a rule that can
actually be parsed. If you, say, were writing a rule for "Spam Actions"
(which takes several keywords as its result), you could end up with this:
Subject:    this is random text to match   deliver forward
How on earth do I parse that? Where does the subject end and the result
(deliver forward) start?

If you can come up with a decent solution to this problem, I'll have a
crack at writing it.

>If so, would the word 'subject' have to be in a particular format
>(upper-case, etc).  Would I have to adjust anything in the MailScanner.conf
>file - aside from telling it where to find the rules file?
>I mean in the /etc/MailScanner/rules/ directory.

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