sa learn with hundred of users on a gateway box

Marco Obaid marco at MUW.EDU
Thu Oct 2 14:35:47 IST 2003


> Since these emails are already forwarded from an internal user...won't this
> mess up sa-learn?  The FROM will always
> be from user at .....

Forwarding will re-write the original message header and therefore you may get
unpredictable results. "Bounce" or "Redirect" a message is what works.
On my site, we use IMP Webmail which has "Report As Spam" feature. Basically,
if the user determines that a message is spam, they click on this link,
which "redirects" the message to a "spam" account that I setup. Once or twice a
day I review this account, just in case something was unintentionally reported.
Finally, I run the sa-learn scritp.

This has been working great for me so far. Others on this list may have
differnet approaches to your question.


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