Inline SPAM warnings {Scanned by HJMS}

Bret Hughes bhughes at ELEVATING.COM
Thu Oct 2 03:29:26 IST 2003

On Wed, 2003-10-01 at 17:47, Ken Anderson wrote:
> Furnish, Trever G wrote:
> > AFAIK that's the way outlook works - attachments aren't displayed inline
> > unless they're pictures.  And that's also the way I *wish* mozilla worked -
> > the whole point of "attaching" a message (well, unless you're unpacking
> > rfc822 attachments for sa-learn) is to PREVENT the client from displaying
> > the attachment.
> >
> > When you display the spam attachment inline (as mozilla does), you're
> > vulnerable to all the same problems that you are if you just deliver it
> > untouched - images that identify your email address as a valid one and other
> > security exploits that enable *really* bad things.
> mozilla's "view->attachments inline" allows you do adjust this behavior,
> as does Outlook (somewhere...)
> Ken A.

evolution has an additional preference that I like:
load images off net - never,  always,  only if in addressbook

Pretty cool.


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