Answer: Sendmail configuration on Debian using Mailscanner

Harry Hanson harryh at CET.COM
Wed Oct 1 18:27:29 IST 2003

No, to clariy that was after changing sendmail.conf to

DAEMON_PARMS=" -OPrivacyOptions=noetrn -ODeliveryMode=queueonly

Which, for varous reasons will cuase the second queue to start.  It was long
and I cut out the previous dialog ;p

Some reason reloading sendmail didn't do it, but a reboot did.

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At 01:15 01/10/2003, you wrote:
>Hmm.. Of all things...
>'sendmailconfig', then either:
>/etc/init.d/sendmail reload
>/etc/init.d/sendmail stop
>/etc/init.d/sendmail start
>Would not start sendmail with 2 separate queues. However upon reboot,
>it worked. Go figure. Now on to mailscanner issues :(

No, because that is your original 1-queue sendmail startup script. You need
to run /etc/init.d/MailScanner restart to do what you want.
Julian Field
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