File ownership

Jim Dickenson dickenson at CFMC.COM
Wed Oct 1 17:04:44 IST 2003

In /etc/MailScanner/MailScanner.conf I set the user and group to be smmsp
and restarted MS. Incoming email was put into /var/spool/ but the
owner was root, with group smmsp. The permissions on the inbound mail files
were 600 and mail just stacked up in the directory and was not delivered. I
am guessing that this is because MS could not read these files.

I changed MS.conf to set user to root and the mail was processed.

My question is, what controls how the inbound mail files get created so I
can fix this problem and set things up the way I would like?
Jim Dickenson
mailto:dickenson at

Computers for Marketing Corporation

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