mailscanner and sendmail dilemma

David While David.While at UCE.AC.UK
Wed Oct 1 11:28:15 IST 2003

Sounds to me like you still have Sendmail running as well as
MailScanner. You should stop MailScanner (using service MailScanner stop
or similar) and then do a ps -ax|grep sendmail - if you have sendmail
processes running then you should kill them off. Once done then restart
MailScanner and all should be well.

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Subject: mailscanner and sendmail dilemma

Hi all,

I know this doesn't seems to be the correct channel to ask for help but
am out of options. The message below I posted to  rackshack (my
host) forum but no one replied after 3 days. I am now posting it here
hoping that the experts here will be able to shed some light into
my problem.

It's quite long so please bear with me. Thanks in advance.


I am having a problem with sendmail and mailscanner. My problem is that
some of my mails go through sendmail and some through mailscanner. Those
that go through sendmail do not get filter. So, I am still getting lots
spams and virus.

Here is my story :

I have redhat 7.2 with ensim 3.1.10.

I previously configured procmail to fight spams and virus. Then I found
about mailscanner. Then I installed mailscanner (not sure if I removed
procmail correctly as too long ago). I followed the guide in the forum
how-to to install mailscanner (MS)+f-prot+spamassassin (SA).

After installing this, it works great. I stop getting spams and virus.
long after that, something dreadful happened. What happened, I can only
describe from my memory which is kinda blurry on which event happens
I'll try to list them in the correct order.

I then installed a software called mailwatch. It was at version 0.1
Installing this software require me to edit the file.
sure if this will affect mailscanner in anyway. Still running fine. One
day, my server crashed. Not sure what happened. The whole email system
affected. Nobody can login to email to check mails. Not even login to
Only admin and root can login. But websites seems to be still working. I
tried and tried and then not even admin login works. It took a few days
rackshack tech to bring it back up. I am not sure what they did as they
wouldn't tell me even after I keep pestering them. But I think they did
somesort of restore as all the root, admin, ensim password was reset.

So, I re-installed mailscanner. This time using mailscanner+clamav+SA
(which is btw a great howto). I am not sure if I removed the previous
mailscanner combo correctly. Then mails stating to act weird. A lot of
users are getting mails <<<no message>>> in the mails. After searching
around and tailling the maillog and some help, i think this problem is
to mailscanner and sendmail both fighting to handle the mail and
the message got deleted and being send to the recipient. After trying to
re-install mailscanner, i still have this problem. Eventually, after a
weeks, this problem went away. I don't know what I did (too many to
remember) but it did go away. But I still have problem of some mails
handled between sendmail and MS.

Then I upgraded MS, clamav and SA hoping that it will solve this
No good. Still have. I even upgraded to mailwatch to 0.3 (if it's
to do with it). Still having some mails being handled by MS and
Mailwatch seems to be working fine aside from the virus report not

Anyone have solution to this? I really need some expertise here. Should
remove MS+clamav+SA totally and re-install? How to clean them
completely? I
am waiting for ensim to create the security patch for sendmail which
the buffer overflow bug. But I guess this does not have anything to do
my problem.

What about file? Is there something I should look inside? should I delete mailwatch which I am not sure is
this. BTW, mailwatch is a program that monitors the emails and then
a database to show the stats of emails through a webgui.

Thanks for reading my long problem. But if I don't solve this, it will
become longer. Also please bear in mind that in the period of having
problem unresolved, I also did some upgrade on other part of the system
such as mysql, php, mysqladmin and so on.

Any suggestion is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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