Postfix or Sendmail for MS & SA?

Julian Field mailscanner at
Wed Oct 1 08:52:09 IST 2003

Exim and sendmail will work significantly faster with MailScanner than
Postfix will.
This is due to the queue structures. Wietse's Postfix may be all very
clever but it requires a *lot* more I/O on MailScanner's part, which is not
needed with Exim and sendmail.

If you need some Exim help, I'm sure you could bribe Tony Finch into
helping you get going. Otherwise, there is a very good book called
"sendmail Performance Tuning" which will help you get the most out of your

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>Hello all,
>First of all by asking what's best I know I could be developing a flame
>war, although the MS list have been mostly free of those. Let's say it's
>not my intention.
>Ok now the real question;
>As some of you might know I'm an consultant (he sorry, it's a living.)
>an large customer of my company asked me to look at possibility of
>deploying an anti-spam, and potential anti-virus solution.
>Personally I'm a big fan of the mailscanner & spamassassin combination.
>In the past I build the sendmail, MS & SA combination for several semi
>large companies (1000 users or so). The customer now is in the order of
>50.000+ users, current estimate 2 * X FAST intel boxes, due to
>geographical redundancy. (3 < X > 8)  (please don't ask the cust's name..).
>I could build the sendmail, MS & SA combo again, but I'm looking at
>postfix as well. The idea is to deploy mailscanner in front of their
>commercial mail platform. The reason to deploy postfix is due to the new
>feature in PF 2.0.0, with local_recipient map, which is easy to
>integrate with ldap. The data store of the commercial platform.
>I'm fully aware sendmail support ldap as well, but not as easy to
>implement. And for this setup where the box will only be an "simple"
>relay, a bit heavy.
>The real questions (didn't i mention that before?):
>1) Postfix is "recently" added to the list of supported MTA's, it's not
>as long supported as Sendmail. Can somebody provide some educated hints
>in regards to stability etc.
>2) Recently Wietse Venema (The auther of Postfix) stated that he had
>some issues with the way MS operated. I can understand his point of
>view, but  nevertheless I like Julians approach. But did somebody ever
>encountered (major) issues in this area?
>P.S. I didn't look at any of the other MTA's due to my personal lack of
>knowledge, I only have a (lot of) experience with Postfix & sendmail.
>This basicly ruled out the other MTA's, sorry for those fans.
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Julian Field
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