help pls...

Daniel Tan danieltan at
Wed Oct 1 08:19:59 IST 2003

urgently needs help....
i have tried reinstalling my 4.23-11 of MS and even upgrading SA to 2.60
nothing seems to be able to jump start my incoming queue (
mails seems to be just resting in there...not nothing from the
log except this
Oct  1 10:24:24 mail root: Process did not exit cleanly, returned 255 with
l 0
Oct  1 10:25:04 mail last message repeated 4 times
Oct  1 10:26:14 mail last message repeated 7 times
Oct  1 10:27:24 mail last message repeated 7 times
Oct  1 10:27:44 mail last message repeated 2 times

what is making it get stuck? i tried not using SA or virus scanning = none
to locate the problem..but no help...
need Julian or other mailscanner gurus to help me.....

my f-prot is fp-linux-ws.rpm (version 4.3)
any other details i can give...just ask....

Daniel Tan
67469188 Ext.665
DID: 68430665
MIS Department
Shop N Save Pte Ltd
: danieltan at

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