Best RBL?

Soeren Gerlach so-mlist-alias at
Fri Nov 28 12:54:49 GMT 2003

> Michele Neylon :: Blacknight Solutions>
> As a lot of the RBLs are vanishing, what would people recommend at this
> stage?
> We're currently using spamcop and a couple of others, but are open to
> suggestions.

We use the following four RBLs on the entry door of spam, directly at the
SMTP-daemon: : : : They are all alive and still working quite good ,-))
Normally this filters out some 20-30% of the spam already. This
combination is now in production for some 4 month and now complaints so
far from the users about blocked mails.

Personally I disencourage from using RBLs that especially list dynamic IPs
as with the ongoing growth of DSL small companies with their own
mailserver and just using an inexpansive DSL access cannot send mail to
those ISPs.
I also do not use RBLs on the mail content as everything can be forged at
will here. So except from the SMTP-portion of the transfer we do not use
any RBLs. Other software pieces like SA, DCC, Razor etc. do yield much
better results with also a better selectivity.

Sören Gerlach

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