scanners I have picked?

Ryan Finnesey ryan.finnesey at CORPDSG.COM
Thu Nov 27 20:56:48 GMT 2003

I need to find the right person to talk with at McAfee about licensing.
The first group I talked with told me that they only make windows
products so I am clearly talking with the wrong people.    I do not
think I can use a corporate site license with this deployment because we
are going to use this in a service provider setup.


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> > McAfee Virus Scan for Unix
> I had a very long e-mail conversation with NAI in Germany.
> They told me
> over and over again that there is no such thing as a server
> licence for
> Virus Scan. You would need a per user/workstation license.

If you have a corporate site licence you should be covered for this.

We use clamav (module interface) and McAfee's uvscan here.  So far,
has picked up everything that McAfee has.  The converse hasn't been
for reasons I don't yet understand - it might have been a scan timeout,
because uvscan run against the quarantined file found the infection.


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