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Rainer Anschober arm at SPAR.AT
Thu Nov 27 16:38:17 GMT 2003


i have a little problem. I use postfix 2.0.12 and MailScanner 4.22-5.
For each mail postfix generate an unique message id. Mailscanner take
the mail, make his tests und put it in the incoming ordner for the
second postfix daemon. This daemon take the mail, generate also an
unique message id and send it.
Now, my problem is, that there is no reference between this two message
id's. Mailscanner use the message id from the receiving postfix.
For this reason tracking a mail is not easy.

17:25:09 smtpd[30938]: connect from xxx
17:25:09 smtpd[30938]: CD21D931B2: client=xxx
17:25:09 cleanup[30421]: CD21D931B2:
message-id=<1069950301.1635.7.camel at gandalf>
17:25:09 qmgr[14546]: CD21D931B2: from=<arm at>, size=680, nrcpt=1
(queue active)
17:25:09 smtpd[30938]: disconnect from xxx
17:25:09 qmgr[14546]: CD21D931B2: to=<raimiansch at>, relay=none,
delay=0, status=deferred (deferred transport)
17:25:11 MailScanner[7623]: ./CD21D931B2.header
17:25:11 MailScanner[7623]: ^I^Icheck compressed file:No_Name
17:25:11 MailScanner[7623]: ^I^Idecompress ok:No_Name
17:25:11 MailScanner[7623]: Directory ./CD21D931B2
17:25:11 MailScanner[7623]: ./CD21D931B2/msg-7623-54.txt
17:25:11 MailScanner[7623]: Uninfected: Delivered 1 messages
17:25:11 qmgr[26122]: 2336E2FEED: from=<arm at>, size=881, nrcpt=1
(queue active)
17:25:11 smtp[1008]: 2336E2FEED: to=<raimiansch at>,[], delay=2, status=sent (250 {mx
013} Message accepted)

Thank you for your helps!

mfg Rainer

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