Trustix 2.0

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Yes ...

But i have used tar.gz 


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On Wed, 26 Nov 2003, Stephen Lee wrote:

> Has anyone attempted to install the MS RPM on Trustix 2.0? A number of

> the RPM directory locations are different than on a Redhat system and 
> I've tried to add soft links to get the Perl modules to build but now 
> am running into $ARCH (eg. rpmbuild puts the rpm in i586 but rpm -Uvh 
> looks for them in i386) and dependency issues (says perl >= 0:5.00503 
> needed but I have the Perl 5.8.0 rpm).

I just tested this last night :-) The install script can easily be
modified to fix the /usr/src/trustix paths, and also the i586/i386

I also had a problem with a some dependency issues, which will need a
further look. I'm testing trustix on a spare box, on a "when I get time

Anyone else tried/trying Trustix with MailScanner?

Richard Potter RHCE
Kingston, ON  CANADA

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