MS 4.25-9 Debian package (was Re: The revenge of the empty message bodies)

Jacques Caruso jacques at MONACO.NET
Thu Nov 27 13:31:32 GMT 2003

Le Lundi 24 Novembre 2003 20:08, Julian Field a écrit :
> Can you try the latest code to see if the problem persists?

OK, we did just that. As a side-effect, we made a Debian package for
MS 4.25-9, since I didn't find one on the MS webpage nor on
If someone else has a Debian(-based)? distribution and wants to try it,
it has been put on a FTP at :

(warning : slow line. There's no public FTP server at the office, so the
packager put it on his home machine. Don't expect more than ~16 kB/s)

It's on our mail gateway since yesterday, and it works well enough, but
then, YMMV as always. BTW, if you're paranoid, the tgz/dsc are in

I didn't encounter the empty mails problem for the moment. I'll wait for
a load peak on the machine to see how it fares...

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