Feature Request for rules

Brent Strignano brent at MIRABITO.COM
Wed Nov 26 17:10:35 GMT 2003

Hello All,

I think it may be useful if MailScanner were able to report on which of
your custom rules were actually applied. This would certainly make
tracking down problems with by domain or per user rule files much
easier. Maybe the log output could look something like this:

Rule Hit on msg ID ZXCVBNM12345: Line 11 in spam.whitelist.rules
'to:  me at example.com  yes'
Rule Hit on msg ID ZXCVBNM12345: Line 3 in virus.scanning.rules
'default:       yes'

Useful? I think it may be, but I have no idea what it would take to do
it either.

Brent Strignano
System Administrator
Granite Capital Holdings
Sidney, NY 

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