MailScanner, huge bayes_toks, out-of-mem problem

Robert Waldner waldner at WALDNER.PRIV.AT
Wed Nov 26 10:34:10 GMT 2003

>>>> Ok, bayes_toks is _huge_, ~ 82M, but what I'm trying to understand
>>>> is:
>>>>  - how does MailScanner (SA?) determine which process will read in
>>>>   the whole bayes_toks?

>>>> Yes, I could do with a smaller ham/spam corpus, but what I'd like to
>>>>  know before I nuke the bayes-db is if that's the problem and why.
>>>>  Maybe I could just throw in more memory, currently the box has 144
>>>>  MB RAM, 256 MB swap.

FWIW, I've reduced the spam/ham corpus to 15k/10k, bayes_toks is 9 MB,
 and the box is running fine now, load avg. again between 0.5 and 0.7.

Note that this is a P1/133 MHz ;) - handling about 70-100 mails/hour 
 (amongst other stuff).

-- Ich vergleiche normalerweise auch nicht im Nahverkehr eingesetzte
-- Transrapids mit im Fernverkehr eingesetzten Planierraupen, auch
-- wenn beide Sitze haben (wobei ich, nach kurzen Nachdenken, die
-- Rolle der Planierraupe an Emacs vergeben würde). - Uwe Ohse, dasr

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