WAY OT - Active Directory and Postfix

Pete russell pete at EATATHOME.COM.AU
Tue Nov 25 10:12:53 GMT 2003

I posted this on the Postfix list, and was hoping some one may be able
to help me out here, off the list if that more suitable, I am really
stuck and was hoping some Postfix users might have this down pat

Hi everyone, my first post to this list.

I am trying to create a Postfix+Courier Imap system to replace a Lotus
Domino environment - which is a pretty big job for me as I am only an
intermediate Linux user. I have used Postfix in Mailman and MailScanner
production installations on RH9.

I have configured the RH9 machine and converted the Win2k AD (using
ad4linux) and can now successfully log on to the RH9 shell using account
created in AD, that do not exist on the Linux machine locally.

Now I want postfix to look up usernames on the AD before accepting mail
for delivery, if the name exists accept mail for local delivery to imap

1. Does anyone know of a guide online I could follow to achieve this - I
have tried to adapt many LDAP+Postfix guides without success, and cannot
locate one specific to win2k AD.

2. Is it possible, that if we have an already populated AD (300+ users),
for postfix to look up recpienets in the AD, if they do not have local
maildir then create one and deliver the new mail? I have tried adding
/home/username in the home directory section of the UNIX tab in AD, but
this dir does not get created upon login to shell, it errors that it
doesn't exist - can postfix do a better job of this?

3. If no one knows of a guide or post explaining in detail how to do
this, would some one mind posting their configs here for me to copy? The
AD will live on the same subnet as the postfix machine, postfix and AD
will be on a private subnet and receive all inbound mail via the
MailScanner mailgateway where it will have been virus and spam checked.

4. Converting Lotus Notes mail databases to linux IMAP - I planned to
turn the Domino server into IMAP and then use bash script to collect all
the mail and folder info for each Notes user - if I do this how will I
then get postfix/imap to learn which maildir (created during the above
conversion) belong to which user accounts, so only the original user
will still have access only to his/her mail?

Sorry for posting so much at once - but I figured its all related and
will be easier for folks to help me with the info all in one place.

Kind regards and thank in advance

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