Archives with passwords

Tony Johansson tony.johansson at SVENSKAKYRKAN.SE
Mon Nov 24 18:54:04 GMT 2003

I dont know if anyone noticed but this is now a technique that is beeing
used, see

I took a brief look at the "file" commands /usr/share/magic and instantly
broke out in hives...

Wouldn't it be easier to implement a "deny encrypted archives" through
command line scanners that say something intelligent? I've tried the ones I
have installed:
trend: *** Scan error -92
inoculan: Failed to extract <file> Reason:4
f-secure: ERROR: Password protected file

Regards, Tony

>>Does "Block Encrypted Messages" also stop password protected archives
>>(zip/rar etc) ?
>No. It stops encrypted messages, not just encrypted attachments.
>>If not, can I stop these files in some other way?
>Use the Filetype checking, once you can get the "file" command to recognise
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