OT: Sendmail forward to bit bucket

Chris Trudeau chris at TRUDEAU.ORG
Fri Nov 21 14:11:48 GMT 2003


I have looked and looked and tried a few things nothing seems to be working.

I am trying to make the transition from Postfix to Sendmail in order to
provide myself with a bit more support for MailScanner/MailWatch.  I'm new
to sendmail and have figured out most of the important things like not being
an open relay and granularly allowing access...and mailertable maps etc...

My LAST hurdle is this:

I want to run a regression/performance testing script against the system.  I
am generating emails from several different addresses @ example.com and
example.net and directing them through the system. however, these find their
way after being successfully scanned into the outgoing queue.  The owners of
example.com and example.net are probably sick of my tests flooding their
networks (not really)...

so I want to configure sendmail that once a message appears in the outbound
queue to direct the message to /dev/null

I have tried using virtuser to convert the message "to" a local user then
created an alias entry to move that user's mail to /dev/null

this doesn;t work...any other ideas?


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