2 virus scanners ???

Jan-Peter Koopmann Jan-Peter.Koopmann at SECEIDOS.DE
Thu Nov 20 22:52:43 GMT 2003

I could have said RTFM since this is what the man page says...

      Virus Scanners
              Default: none

              Which Virus  Scanning  package  to  use.  Possible
choices  are
              sophos, sophossavi, mcafee, command, kaspersky,
              inoculate,  onoculan,  nod32,  f-secure,  f-prot,  panda,
              antivir,  clamav, trend, bitdefender, none (no virus
scanning at

              Note for McAfee users: Do NOT use any symlinks  with
McAfee  at
              all.  It  is  very strange but McAfee may not detect all
              when started from a symlink or scanning a directory path
              ing symlinks.

              Note:  If  you  want  to  use multiple virus scanners,
then this
              should be a space-separated list of virus scanners.


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> >Can Mail scanner run two virus scanners (example:  Mcafee and Sophos)
> Lots of people have already replied stating it's possible, 
> but none included an example config.. I hate making redundant 
> "me too" posts, but there is some information missing from 
> the thread so far.
> so, for reference, this config enables Clamav and Command antivirus in
> parallel:
>          Virus Scanners = command clamav
> As you can see, it's just a space delimited list in your 
> MailScanner.conf.

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