FW: MailScanner and SpamAssassin

Gabriele Oleotti goleotti at MISAG.IT
Thu Nov 20 13:05:46 GMT 2003

I've installed MailScanner 4.24-5 and SpamAssassin 2.60 on my OpenBSD 3.0 with Postfix 1.1.3 mail server.
All is working quite fine. But I have one little problem: Before installing MailScanner I was able to have spam emails sent to the users' mailboxes as attachments, the body of email reports the analysis and X-Spam-Flag header is set accordingly. After installing MailScanner I'm not able to do this anymore. I was successful in setting some headers with spamassassin reports, but nothing more.
If I set
Spam Actions = bounce attachment
nothing arrives on the user mailbox, nor if I set only attachment (without bounce) but if I set 
Spam Actions = deliver
(the default) all is working: headers are created with spam score report and whatever else but message body is delivered as is.
Here is finally my question: is it possible to have MailScanner creating a message just like SpamAssassin does with body=score report and attachment=original message? If not, how can I make the attachment option to work? May be a permission problem on some directory?
Moreover: should enabling the Send Notices send notices even for spamming? or does it work only for viruses?
Thank you from now,
Gabriele (Italy)
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