Who owns MIME::Tools?

Jan-Peter Koopmann Jan-Peter.Koopmann at SECEIDOS.DE
Tue Nov 18 22:15:33 GMT 2003

> both of us, right? I must be missing something major here because I
> think we have more in common than you seem to think. Feel free to

You are not missing anything. We have more in commen than first thought.

> encourage the port maintainer to update it if you want but that really

I will. I am about to file a new version of the port...

> solves the problem for only one OS, kind of your first criticism of my
> suggestion. My suggestion helps everyone not using RPM:s including
> FreeBSD users until (if) the port gets updated.

I misinterpreted your suggestion. Yes we should do it. BUT: Once we have
that "solution" we should not forget to urge the MIME:Tools holder to
solve the problem and the port maintainer to patch the current version.
As long as we do both I am very happy.

> download and in the tar distribution include a quarantine and start
> scripts in a contrib directory under MailScanner. That would help at
> least some with the tar distribution.


Thanks and sorry for my misinterpretation...


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