R: Setting up MailScanner + Postfix

Gioia Bastioni gioia at bclink.it
Tue Nov 18 14:52:07 GMT 2003

I'm going to try the postfix-2.0.16-i386-1 for my Slackware and let you know..
thanks for now

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Whoops.. I ment to keep this on the list..

 Did you compile from source?

 I'm running Simon J Mudd's postfix-2.0.16-7 RPM on a test server with no
problems that I've noticed. My production boxes a few revisions behind
though, and working on 2.0.13.


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> postfix-2.0.16-20030921
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> Hi,
>  What version of Postfix did you install?
> -Joshua

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