Inline signature ruleset

Patrick.Vande-Walle at CEC.EU.INT Patrick.Vande-Walle at CEC.EU.INT
Tue Nov 18 12:33:34 GMT 2003


I was investigating the "Sign Clean messages" feature together with a rulset
and noticed the EXAMPLES file is wrong on this account.
Actually, the third part of the ruleset should be a file name.

This is the setup:

In /etc/MailScanner/MailScanner.conf

# Add the "Inline HTML Signature" or "Inline Text Signature" to the end
# of uninfected messages?
# This can also be the filename of a ruleset.
Sign Clean Messages = yes

# Set where to find the HTML and text versions that will be added to the
# end of all clean messages, if "Sign Clean Messages" is set.
# These can also be the filenames of rulesets.
Inline HTML Signature = %rules-dir%/sig.html.rules
Inline Text Signature = %rules-dir%/sig.txt.rules

In sig.txt.rules
        From:           yourname at
        FromOrTo:       default                         /dev/null

in sig.html.rules

        From:           yourname at
        FromOrTo:       default                         /dev/null

Pointing to /dev/null for the default behaviour will make sure no signature
is added.

It may be worth updating the docs before the next release

Hope this tip is helpful to anyone.

Patrick Vande Walle

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