MailScanner and Fedora anyone?

Harvey Artz harveya at AVERYHILLS.COM
Sun Nov 16 16:38:45 GMT 2003

The only problem I had with Fedora was when I ran MailWatch, it doesn't stay connected to the sql database, has to reconnect every message. It does work like that so shouldn't be to much of a problem.

I tried to downgrade the perl modules for sql cause its suppose to work with the older version without any problems, but had to many problems with that.

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> Hi!
> > Has anyone used MailScanner on Fedora Core 1?  I have 
> MailScanner and
> > RH9 working and am thinking of updating to Fedora Core 1 this week.
> Working just fine on Fedora CORE-1.

Thanks for you input.  I'm planning ont moving to Fedora eventually.  Are there significant differences between fedora and red hat 9?  Since my mail volume is low, it shares resources on a machine running Tomcat/mod_webapp(tomcat-apache connector) and Apache/PHP/Mysql.  I was wondering if I would have to re-do all of my procedures.


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