MailScanner configuration/installation question

zeitgeist zeitgeist at GEISTERSTUNDE.ORG
Sun Nov 16 12:28:30 GMT 2003


I'm very new to the MailScanner and just installed it on a RedHat 7.2 system
that I administer for my work (a non profit organization). Just recently we
decided to create a lot of mailing lists and create accounts for people in
order for them to use e-mail. The server uses sendmail as it's MTA. I have
installed the latest MailScanner 4.24-5 for RedHat as an RPM Version and
configured all sorts of things. As it seemed the MailScanner scanned the
incoming mails that went over the mailing lists and sent them on to the
recipients of the mailing lists.
However it was not possible for the "normal" users that used the machine to
e-mail to send emails from the server (either using a Squirrelmail that I
have installed on the system or from the outside). The server accepted the
mail without problems but the receivers never got the e-mail.
As it turned out after some nerve wreaking days of configuring and receiving
e-mails from the users that if I turned off the MailScanner service (service
MailScanner stop) and only turned on sendmail (service sendmail start) it
would work perfectly (well, not perfect for me since the MailScanner was not
involved in this).
Any help would be greatly appreciated 'cause I think the MailScanner is a
software of enormous potential!


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