Exim + MailScanner + Sympa on an Aplha, general Tips for the Exim + mailscanner setup anyone?

David H. dh at UPTIME.AT
Fri Nov 14 13:41:11 GMT 2003

Hash: RIPEMD160

Hello Folks.

I was just wondering if you could point me toward some documentation. On
Monday I am supposed to setup an Alpha box as our Mailing List Server. I
am more of a Sendmail guy, thus I will need to learn about Exim. Is
there any documentation you could recommend? Especially tuning documents
how to get Exim into shape when it is primarily used to push out large
quantities of email in the form of Newsletters and Lists. Why am I not
staying with sendmail? Well Julian mentioned that Exim is a tad bit
faster in combination with Mailscanner and I really want to learn a
second MTA, so please, if you knwo where I could start, I would
appreciate it. Teoma.com is helpful, but I#d rather rely on presorted,
high quality docs than finding and sorting through all the none suited one.

- -d

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