sa-learn, where is it?

Harvey Artz harveya at AVERYHILLS.COM
Fri Nov 14 12:53:22 GMT 2003

That's the key to this whole thing! Thanks for the information.

> Can someone please tell me where to find 'sa-learn'?
> I've been reading a lot of messages, went through spamassassin web 
> site, read articles on bayes and how it works, but nothing about where

> to get sa-learn. I have redhat 9, mailscanner latest, mailwatch, all 
> setup and running, but cannot find what software package is suppose to

> have sa-learn in it.

afair rhl 9 was shipped with
spamassassin was never updated via rhn

bayes sa-learn was included later. in 2.5?

# which sa-learn
# rpm -qf `which sa-learn`

# rpmbuild --rebuild /path/to/your/spamass*src.rpm

# ls /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/i386/spamassassin-2.
spamassassin-2.55-3.i386.rpm spamassassin-2.60-2.i386.rpm

# rpm -Uvh /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/i386/spamassassin-2.60-2.i386.rpm

good luck


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