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mikea wrote:
| On Thu, Nov 13, 2003 at 06:00:18PM +1100, Pete russell wrote:
|>Anyone ever tried to convert Lotus Notes mail DBs to either maildir or
|>mbox? I figured I would look at fetchmail or similar and grab all the
|>mail out that way? Just need to figure a way to not reset the date on
|>each message.
|>Love to hear any suggestions.
| As would I. I'm stuck with mail archived to Notes .nsf files, and
| would absolutely *love* a way to convert them into headers-and-body
| in just about any recognized mail format.

I use cyrus imap.  To convert, you might want to have the users configure an
imap client to point at the notes box and the new mail server and then copy
their e-mail across.  There are also som WU imap tools that do this, but I've
not played with them.  Checkout the cyrus imap mailing list for more info.


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