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Wed Nov 12 22:32:34 GMT 2003

On Wed, Nov 12, 2003 at 02:07:43PM -0800, Ken Anderson is rumored to have said:
> Thanks, fwiw, I'm also seeing "Hel-Tracking" header.

One other thing that I've noticed about these spams is that they're always using a SMTP HELO argument of the domain name they're spamming. So the (simplified) SMTP transaction looks kind of like this:

--> HELO
<-- 250
--> MAIL FROM: victim at
<-- 250 OK
--> RCPT TO: victim at
<-- 250 OK
--> DATA

The thing is (in our case anyway), none of our mail servers answer as "ourdomain.tld"; they all have an actual hostname. What I did was create a rule looking for a Received: header with "helo=ourdomain.tld" and assigned a massive number of points to it to overcomethe AWL adjustment for having *@ourdomain.tld whitelisted. It caught my test messages properly - I'll see how it works on real-world mail...

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