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Denis Beauchemin Denis.Beauchemin at USHERBROOKE.CA
Wed Nov 12 19:57:59 GMT 2003


It's fine with me.  I searched your code for the disarm feature but
couldn't find anything relevant.  Now I know why... ;-)

Le mer 12/11/2003 à 06:01, Julian Field a écrit :
> I don't know quite what happened and when, but I can't find any trace
> of the code that actually causes the "disarm" option on the "Allow
> ..... Tags" to be activated. I can't even find it in any of the
> released versions.
> So I have had to (re?)write it.
> Current actions are these. Apologies for the HTML posting but I need a
> monospaced font.
> Allow...Tags     Convert Dangerous... Action
> no                  no                      Blocked
> no                  yes                     Blocked
> disarm              no                      Disarmed
> disarm              yes                     Disarmed
> yes                 no                      Nothing
> yes                 yes                     Stripped
> Is this okay? Does it make any sense?
> If not, please let me know what you would prefer. I suspect that any
> list of actions is okay, so long as it is documented. 
> -- 
> Julian Field
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