Bounce options for bayes

Chris Trudeau chris at TRUDEAU.ORG
Wed Nov 12 14:09:12 GMT 2003

> 2. I will use a person doc (much like a .forward file) to forward mail
> sent by users to spam/notes (spam at to a local postfix mail
> account, that we can then run the sa-learn bash script against. Any
> postfix gurus here know how I can easily specify in postfix to allow
> only this one specific account to receive local mail, but no others? I
> currently have local delivery off in the outbound postfix MTA, so would
> need the inbound postfix MTA to deliver this locally without sending to
> MailScanner.

No postfix guru here...lets get that out of the way first off... can restrict access in your postfix box to receive to only those
accounts you wish by using a
smtpd_recipient restrictions statement in your

smtpd_recipient_restrictions = check_recipient_access

then build a recipient table per the examples in
/etc/postfix/recipient_table.  you will have to run it through a postmap.
there may be other varaibles to pass to the smtpd_recipient_resitrictions
command related to local accounts, but this hash table scales nicely if you
need to add these in different formats/types/domains...


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