Microsoft security bulletin

Pete Russell pete at EATATHOME.COM.AU
Wed Nov 12 02:22:00 GMT 2003

We are getting the MS Security Bulletin virus/email that is totally faked
and has a virus attched to it (quite common now i think) and it passes
straight through with a score of 0.72

IS there a trick to catching these? The attchment is killed by our
watchguard firewall, but would nice to stop the message as well, drives the
helpdesk mad with questions about applying MS patches.


From: Microsoft Security Bulletin <jommtgcxuuhcmc at>
Subject: Net Critical Upgrade
To: MS Corporation Customer <yzal at>
Message-id: <0HO700GIUUQ5HL at>
MIME-version: 1.0
Content-type: multipart/mixed;

0.00 HTML_MESSAGE HTML included in message
0.72 MIME_HTML_NO_CHARSET Message text in HTML without charset

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