a very confused mailscanner?

Randy Schultz schultz at SGI.COM
Tue Nov 11 14:54:29 GMT 2003

On Tue, 11 Nov 2003, Spicer, Kevin wrote:

-}Randy Schultz wrote:
-}> -}> At first I thought it was insufficient file descriptors
-}> -}> available so I up'ed
-}> -}> that limit and rebooted.  No effect.  The in queue has only
-}> -}> 1400 emails to
-}> -}> be processed, system is idle, tons of all resources available.
-}> -}>
-}> -}> Anybody have any idea what's up?
-}You don't say which OS.

Aack.  Silly me.  FreeBSD 5.1, sendmail 8.12.9(patched), mailscanner 4.24.5.
Dual 800 Mhz procs, 1GB RAM, 20 GB hard drive 37% full.

-}I've seen situations on Solaris where I've had to add ulimit -n unlimited  [from memory, so hope its correct] to the start of an init script to avoid this problem (even when the system limit hasn't been approached).

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