ANNOUNCE: Beta release 4.25-6

Spicer, Kevin Kevin.Spicer at BMRB.CO.UK
Mon Nov 10 12:20:25 GMT 2003

Julian Field wrote:
> At 22:25 09/11/2003, you wrote:
>> On Fri, 2003-11-07 at 14:47, Julian Field wrote:
>>> I have added support for changing the uid, gid and permissions on
>>> files and directories within the quarantine area and "incoming work
>>> dir" temporary files area.
>> I'm having problems with this feature.  It seems that the chgrp is
>> recursing.
> Well spotted. This patch to should fix it.

Certainly does, thanks.

Please find attached an update clamav-wrapper script which properly
supports external unpackers when running as root.  In order to do this
it also creates a temp directory 
/var/spool/MailScanner/incoming/clamav (to take advantage of any
ramdisk) and sets its permissions to be writable by the clamav user. 
Comments in the file explain which settings are necessary in
MailScanner.conf to get archive support working.      

This should solve the problem with 'File size limit exceeded' messages
since these come from the internal unpacker and now cause clam to fall
back to using the external unpacker, which then allows all files in the
archive to be scanned.  I've tested this with one of the affected
zipfiles and can confirm that MailScanner does then correctly report...
ClamAV: contains Worm.Mimail.C in photos.jpg.exe (possibly

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