New Sophos and PDF Problems

Julian Field mailscanner at
Sat Nov 8 13:14:46 GMT 2003

At 22:39 07/11/2003, you wrote:
>First of all I already have the line:
>Allowed Sophos Error Messages = corrupt format not supported
>in MailScanner.conf
>While I was out earlier this week a problem appeared with PDF files
>being listed as un-scannable.  I'm still trying to get the exact message
>the users are getting.  In my maillog though I get lines like the
>Nov  7 12:25:58 mx MailScanner[22683]: Could not check
>./hA7KPYi23011/ReimbursementReq.pdf (unexpected error [0x80040202])
>Anyone know what's going on?  I'm on version 3.73 with IDE's totaling
>84277 viruses.  (they're updated hourly, so the latest ones).

Upgrade to 3.75a as they claim to have fixed a load of the PDF problems.
Also check the docs in a recent MailScanner.conf and you will see how to
specify multiple independent strings in the "Allowed Sophos Error Messages"
setting. You may want to add "0x80040202" to the list of strings.m
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