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Steve Freegard steve.freegard at LBSLTD.CO.UK
Fri Nov 7 19:31:34 GMT 2003

Hi Julian,

>>> Steve -- what do you think?

Yup - I agree and I'd be happy to add this feature into MailWatch.

It would fit in nicely with the work currently underway to allow users to
login to a new greatly simplified 'users' interface allowing them to see
their stats (a bit of MailScanner 'marketing'...), manage their quarantined
spam and a request to the admin to release a blocked attachments.  So it
wouldn't be too difficult to generate a daily e-mail for each user that has
quarantined items, listing them with a link to release them.

Kind regards,

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> > Problem with digests, as experienced in the past with web hosting
> > setting up Email mailing lists, is that HTML Emails cause a lot of
> > headaches. The digest mode would have to strip HTML or save it as
> > text/plain - otherwise badly-written HTML could make an
> > archive really hard
> > to read, if readable at all, embedded styles, etc., could
> > make even the
> > prettiest HTML documents look horrendous.
> >
> > Just my $0.02 worth, but yes, I support this idea. I have one
> > user (who gets
> > 50% of all spam collected on my system of dozens of domains
> > hosted) who is
> > particularly paranoid about FP's and losing legit Email.
> >
> > -id
>To me, a plain-text digest containing info about the message would be 
>You received 3 messages that were considered as Spam by MailScanner and

>quarantined, here is the list:
>Message 1:
>Spam score:
>To have this message released from quarantine, send this info to your
>So on..
>Any other ideas?

Sorry to pass the buck on this one, but would this be better implemented
MailWatch? It's an archiving and log analysis problem, not a mail
Steve -- what do you think?E
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