ANNOUNCE: Beta release 4.25-6

Julian Field mailscanner at
Fri Nov 7 14:47:19 GMT 2003


I have added support for changing the uid, gid and permissions on files and
directories within the quarantine area and "incoming work dir" temporary
files area.

I would appreciate it if people could try it out on their own favourite MTA
and confirm if it all works okay.

This release also includes the ClamAV parsing improvement from a couple of
days ago.

Download, as usual, from

ChangeLog is this:

7/11/2003 New in Version 4.25-6
* New Features and Improvements *
- Panda version 7.0 supported.
- Added dependency on Net::CIDR module so could add support for more ways of
   specifying IP ranges in rulesets. Can now do all of:
- Added support for "disarm" option on all HTML tag detectors, which will
   disarm those tags while leaving the rest of the HTML intact.
- Added support for retrieving configuration from LDAP.
- Changed SpamAssassin timeout handler to kill processes and not process group.
- Added support for changing uid, gid and permissions of both Incoming Work
   Dir and Quarantine Dir.
- Improved ClamAV parser to handle errors printed when processing viruses
   containing corrupted zip files.

* Fixes*
- RPM distribution script now checks and creates pod2text properly.
- Fixed bug whereby the same message files could be deleted more than once,
   which could delete unprocessed messages using MTAs that name files after
   the inode and not the time.
Julian Field
MailScanner thanks transtec Computers for their support

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