Antivirus Solution for Desktops

Miguel Koren O'Brien de Lacy miguelk at KONSULTEX.COM.BR
Fri Nov 7 11:38:15 GMT 2003


f-Prot is hard to beat in terms of price and resource usage and we've 
found it's protection on par with other solutions. It just lacks 
sophisticated management tools, but central updating and install is 
available. Just for your info, to place my opinion in perspective, we 
resell f-Prot in Brazil. But taking that into account, the reason we 
resell it is exactly that.


Sanjay K. Patel wrote:

>CA etrust is only $14 bucks regardless of server or workstation and can be
>centrally managed. Panda comes in second.
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>I am evaluating my options to migrate our users' AV desktop protection from
>Command AV to another product. Can any of you recommend a Desktop AV
>solution to be deployed to around 1000 PCs (95% running windows)?
>The most important criteria to me are:
>* The AV software has to be light weight in resource-consumption.
>  The product we are currently using literally consumes over 70% of
>  (users are not happy)
>* Ease of maintenance in terms of pushing updates/new definitions from
>  a centeralized server. (we don't care too much about the bells and
>* Reasonable cost. (not too expensive, not too cheap)
>* Finally, good techincal support record.
>Within those boundries, what would you recommend based on your experience?
>Thank you for any input and my apologies for posting a non-MS related topic.

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