Antivirus Solution for Desktops

Sanjay K. Patel sanjay.patel at REXWIRE.COM
Fri Nov 7 05:58:04 GMT 2003

CA etrust is only $14 bucks regardless of server or workstation and can be
centrally managed. Panda comes in second.

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I am evaluating my options to migrate our users' AV desktop protection from
Command AV to another product. Can any of you recommend a Desktop AV
solution to be deployed to around 1000 PCs (95% running windows)?

The most important criteria to me are:

* The AV software has to be light weight in resource-consumption.
  The product we are currently using literally consumes over 70% of
  (users are not happy)

* Ease of maintenance in terms of pushing updates/new definitions from
  a centeralized server. (we don't care too much about the bells and

* Reasonable cost. (not too expensive, not too cheap)

* Finally, good techincal support record.

Within those boundries, what would you recommend based on your experience?

Thank you for any input and my apologies for posting a non-MS related topic.

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