splitting messages through sendmail (high-loads)

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at PROLOCATION.NET
Thu Nov 6 13:31:15 GMT 2003


> Has anyone else experience high-loads on their mail
> server after splitting messages throught sendmail?
> I had to do this to make the whitelist effective,
> however, I'm seeing over 760 messages backup at times.

It will boost your number of messages so yes.... If a user sends in a mail
of 30Mb and has 50 rcpts you should have the processing power ready to
scan 1500Mb instead of 30... Simple maths :)

> Mailscanner 4.25-4
> Sendmail
> Spamassassin 2.60
> Red Hat Linux 9 on (1) Pentium 3 1.4ghz 3GB RAM

Depending on your mailvolume. We also use message splitting and works ok.


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