SpamAssassin stop until I restart MailScanner

Julian Field mailscanner at
Thu Nov 6 10:13:04 GMT 2003

Upgrade your SpamAssassin (using the source, not the RPMs) to the released
version of 2.60, as they fixed a lot of bugs between rc1 and the proper
And don't worry about "spamc" or "spamd" as MailScanner doesn't use them
anyway. MS calls the SA Perl API directly, without involving any external
program at all.

At 09:31 06/11/2003, you wrote:
>Hi there
>I need some tip with a problem: SpamAssassin run when I restart
>MailScanner and stop along the day, if I restart MailScanner again
>SpamAssassin run again and stop to catch messages later. I double check
>everything, but...
>My enviroment:
>Red Hat 7.2
>Kernel 2.4.20-20.7
>SpamAssassin version 2.60-rc1
>MailScanner-4.24-5 (Sophos)
>Perl 5.8.0
>My Best Regards,

Julian Field
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