1 Postfix and 1 MailScanner question

Pete russell pete at EATATHOME.COM.AU
Wed Nov 5 22:51:08 GMT 2003

1. With the doco on the mailscanner site for postfix its says to chown
postfix.postfix the incoming and quarantine dirs. But when setting up
Postfix 2 on RH9 it is not possible to use the same group and user name
to run postfix, and the default is postfix.postdrop

I have entered this user/group name in my postfix config and MS config
and used when I changed ownership of those dirs. I don't have any
problems, but since I am about to put this system into production, and I
am writing a doco for my colleagues, I want to make sure I have
everything setup accurately.

Have I set this up correctly? Is there any issue I need to be aware of
since I have deviated from Julian's guide?

2. I plan to run 2 (possibly 3) postfix2/rh9/mailscanner machine an use
MX records to distribute inbound mail to these servers - I want them to
have identical configs (aside from hostname/ip) - is there anyway I can
automate changes made to configs on one box to apply to other box/s ? Or
is there no other way than making any changes2 or 3 times?

Kind regards and thanks


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