SMP Machines

Peter Russell prussell at MTELIZA.COM.AU
Wed Nov 5 00:48:20 GMT 2003

Hi there, i have an old NEC 5800 dual P200 - i know this is a very old
machine, but i will use 3 of them if i have to - and was wondering if i
should make any changes to the MailScanner, SpamAssassin confi to take

I know i can change the amount of child process, if i change this figure
from say, 5 to 4, will this mean i have 4 process PER CPU ? Will
MailScanner already be using the 2 CPUs, without mne changing anything?

We get less than 10k inbound email per day, and we are keen to avoid
hardware expenditure, so we will try with this machine i have 2 others
built and ready put in with additional MX records if needed.

Does anyone know of a system that will generate LOADS od emails and push
them to my new server at great volume? I would love to ahve something like
this set up on my network to see how it copes?

I suppose people dont build things like this due to the abuse potential?


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