Postfix AROUND MailScanner

Chris Trudeau chris at TRUDEAU.ORG
Tue Nov 4 16:13:57 GMT 2003

here is a tough one...

I am using postfix->mailscanner->postfix as a gateway.  It works really well
so far, but one of the domains that this gateway is processing mail for has
an automated monitoring system that is contributing a LARGE share of the
total messages being processed.

This system is using the domain's Notes server as its next hop SMTP gateway,
so the MS gateway is processing all of this mail needlessly.  I have
attempted to get the monitoring system use some other
SMTP gateway, but the user is either unable or unwilling to get the system

I would like my inbound instance of postfix (which per the documentation
SIMPLY defers all mail for MS to pickup and scan) to actually deliver
messages originating FROM this address without sending them to the MS queue.
Any ideas?

I thought about a simple transport map within the outside instance of
postfix, but this would require removing the

defer_transports = smtp local virtual relay

Configuration within that postfix instance....

Any other ideas?


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