IMAP and MailScanner

Morten Norby Larsen morten at MAGISTERLUDI.COM
Tue Nov 4 15:41:29 GMT 2003


we have a small mail server (<10 users) with RedHat 7.3, UW-IMAP, sendmail,
etc. Plus Squirrelmail 1.4.1.

The MailScanner is the standard installation (RPMs, I think) with
SpamAssassin and ClamAV.

The problem is that from a superficial analysis (running top in a terminal)
that MailScanner gets called every time we access webmail (through
Squirrelmail), which would also explain why Squirrelmail takes more than a
minute long to list a mailbox ( >100 messages ).

Does anybody know if such a setup would actually run MailScanner during an
IMAP request and, if so, how that could be avoided (MailScanner has been
run when mail is accepted, so no further checks should be needed).

Thanks in advance for any info,


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