odd spam catching results between 2 mail scanners.

Lance Ware lance at WARE.NET
Tue Nov 4 19:01:47 GMT 2003


It appeared Razor hadn't been working for a while on one of the boxes.


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On Tue, 2003-11-04 at 00:27, Lance Ware wrote:

>One mailscanner shows a spam percentage of 62.49% and the other only

>Both boxes are set to 10 in terms of MX preference.

>Any thoughts???

Maybe your DNS servers always return them in the same order and some of
the spam tools just pick the last or second on the list?

Do they send out 50/50, or do certain senders send through certain
machines.  I think some spammers/ viruses can pick up the email server
from headers of messages rather than DNS (you tend to see this with
dictionary attacks, I get countless messages addressed to 'users' @
mymailserver, despite the fact that I have no users with addresses of
that form)

>Is there any easy way to verify that SA is using the same sets of
>network based tests between boxes?

Get some sample mails and run them through spamassassin -D -t  on each
machine and diff the results



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