sendmail message splitting defeats bandwidth savings?

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at PROLOCATION.NET
Mon Nov 3 23:19:23 GMT 2003


> What I would probably have to do is split every message that has multiple
> recipients, it is hard to work out if any of the rules would produce
> different results for each recipient of the message. Not impossible, but
> not easy. I would need to collect the results of every config variable for
> each message in a batch, and then look through all the results to find ones
> that aren't all the same. Then I would need to duplicate the message back
> into loopback once for each recipient and throw away the original (as I
> probably wouldn't be able to tell at that point which result I should be
> using).
> That's got me thinking...
> (and there I was planning a nice quiet evening watching the telly :-)

Eh =) I wonder what the performance impact will be. But i like the idea.
It really is a pain the some are glued to sendmail currently, to have just
this working, i think some would have moved to Exim for example instead if
the splitting was possible.

Would also be cool to just be able to split with a ruleset... in my case i
would only split for the local domains...

I diont know if anyone set it up like that in sendmail yet, currently i am
splitting all but thats a real waste of processing power...


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